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Second Medical Opinion

The difference between Trust and Confidence

Second Medical Opinion

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Get advice from Best National & International doctor, second Medical opinion
A second medical opinion not validates the nature of your diagnosis; it gives you the assurance that the treatment plan suggested is right for you. Most importantly, it gives you more options and puts you in control of your treatment

Our Services

Review Of Reports

Our experts will review your reports, look into your medical history, test results and provide a comprehensive personalized assessment of the existing diagnosis and treatment plan devised for you. Our physicians will address all your concerns, answer specific questions and suggest alternative treatment if required. A second opinion from Sree Lakshmi hospital will enable you to make an informed decision, give you peace of mind and make your journey more comfortable

Online Consultation

Sree Lakshmi hospital enables you to consult one-on-one with the most skilled and experienced doctors in India. for your second opinion. Use the connection to get the best advice related to your diagnosis and treatment options. Make a comprehensive list of the questions you would like to ask them. The online consultation gives you a measure of anonymity in delicate situations. Just upload your medical records and assuage all your doubts and concerns from the comfort of your office, bed or living room.

Review with Online Consultation

With this option, patients can benefit from the reviews conducted by our specialists whose evaluation and remarks are first passed on to you. If you have any concerns or questions and would like to interact with them directly, Sree Lakshmi hospital can connect you to the expert of your choice at a mutually convenient time.

Pathological Evaluation and Online Consultation

Some patients prefer to go through the diagnostics process once more to be absolutely certain of their situation and the path they want to take. A second round of tests and assessments leads to the correct staging of the cancer many times, better treatment options and a more accurate prognosis. Sree Lakshmi hospital thus facilitates your access not only to the leading doctors but also to cutting-edge diagnostic technologies in India

How it Works

Some Quick Information

For a second opinion, a physician reviews all your medical reports and will either corroborate the diagnosis and treatment plan or make suggestions. The physician may also recommend additional testing to confirm the type and stage of your cancer. Based on the results, the other specialist will explore more treatment options for you.

Some of the advantages of taking a second opinion in cancer management are:

You Feel Empowered: By seeking a second opinion, you are taking a proactive approach in dealing with your situation. Knowing more about the diseases and the available treatment options puts you in greater control. A second opinion not only helps you in managing your overall health, it also gives more assurance to your loved ones.

More Confidence: Many patients are misdiagnosed, according to one study. In many cases, a second opinion yields a different stage of the deseases, which changes the entire process. If the original diagnosis is confirmed, a second opinion may provide additional treatment options for you to consider. It puts your mind at ease that you are on the right track.

Explore Advanced Treatment: Some hospitals possess technology not available at other facilities. Seeking a second opinion from a specialist in another health care system may give you access to treatment that is more advanced or better customized to your requirements.


Appoint a Doctor You Want: Many doctors encourage taking a second opinion before making a treatment decision. You may prefer to be treated by a known oncologist or hospital of repute but were unable to consult them before the primary diagnosis. A second opinion gives you the chance to be diagnosed or treated by that health care team.

Asking the right questions can help you garner important information about your cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Here are 10 important concerns you should discuss with your doctor: