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International Patient

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is now a well-established industry, in which foreigners travel to other countries for all kinds of medical interventions, especially for the price benefit. Also referred to as wellness or health tourism, it also enables patients to visit the local attractions of the country. Medical tourism has become the preferred mode of vacationing for a huge number of global travelers.

Why India can be your optimal destination?

India is one of the few countries, which popularized the concept of medical tourism. It soon emerged among the top 3 destinations in Asia, along with Singapore and Thailand. India is the preferred country for medical tourists for its superior medical infrastructure, high-quality treatment and all-round low costs. And this is across all healthcare domains including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, neuro-surgery, urology and nephrology.

Also, India is the only country where patients have access to alternative treatments like Yoga, Ayurveda and a host of herbal remedies. Here are some of the main reasons why foreign patients choose India as their healthcare tourism destination:

Indian hospitals in many urban centers are equipped with the latest technologies and medical infrastructure. These are on par with those available in more expensive countries. In India, you can get treated by specialists who are acclaimed worldwide. Also, many multi-national hospitals have established their presence in India, partly in response to the large number of medical tourists that throng India. The nature of Indian hospitality and the emphasis on personal care also has a subtle attraction.

There is zero waiting time for a patient to undergo any medical procedure or start treatment in India. This is in sharp contrast to advanced countries like the USA or UK where patients have to wait their turn. Foreign patients can get treated very quickly and effectively in India. This can be a big advantage in planned surgeries. The no-waiting phenomenon is a very strong reason why the Indian medical system is so popular with foreign patients.

In India, the best medical procedures and treatments come at a fraction of the cost incurred in other countries. According to Science Daily, Robotic Radical Prostatectomy costs around $35,000 on average in the United States. In India, the same procedure can be conducted for $7000. This is true for all other aspects of healthcare. The generally low prices make the vacation eminently affordable and highly-enjoyable.

Another reason for the popularity of medical tourism is the ease of post-treatment consultations. Patients can follow-up with their Indian healthcare experts seamlessly and keep in touch with them long after they return to their home country. Advice on medical reports, patient feedback and changes in prescribed medications can all be communicated through text, e-mail and audio-visual media.

With its long and varied heritage, India is a popular tourist destination in its own right. It has a long list of historical places, sea resorts, hill-stations and other places of interest. Depending on the medical condition, patients can get treated while sigh-seeing simultaneously. Other patients get treated first and then embark on a proper Indian vacation. Many choose to stay back until they recuperate fully.

Shree Lakshmi Hospital

Once you choose India as your medical tourism destination, the most important decision you need to make is where you want your treatment to take place. The location should be a tourist destination, be easily accessible and well-connected. Bangalore is one of the most popular vacationing spots in India with an international airport, efficient rail services and major national highways.


Now, there are many critical factors to consider before choosing the right healthcare center like:

  • Which hospital is best known to treat your particular condition
  • The infrastructure and facilities of the hospital
  • The credibility of the healthcare centre and success statistics
  • Quality of services and in-house care
  • Ease of post-treatment consultation and follow-up from your home country

Shree Lakshmi Hospital is a renowned medical facility for various treatments related to urology. Our guiding principle is “Every Life Deserves World Class Care”. We apply this motto throughout our operations and ensure that every patient gets the best possible medical care.

We are one of the few medical centers in India with a 100-watt Hollilum Lazer for robotic surgery. It makes us the ‘in’ hospital for endo-urology and nephrology treatments in the country. But there are many other reasons why Shree Lakshmi Hospital is a preferred choice for many:

The hospital

Shree Lakshmi Hospital has vast in-house expertise and many years of experience in all aspects of kidney care and treatment of related ailments. These are just some statistics we are proud of:

  • 26,000+ stone surgeries
  • 100+ treated with Holmium Laser
  • 260+ robotic surgeries
Our Doctors

Our team of medical experts include some of the best doctors in the world. Of particular note is our medical director Dr. Sambashiva A. C who has many prestigious achievements to his name.
Our Services

We will attend to your enquiries and queries promptly and effectively. You can give us all your relevant information through e-mail or through the contact form on our portal, which has all the necessary prompts to keep communication crisp and speedy. The following are some of the ways, through which we have built our reputation with Indian as well as foreign patients:

  • We try to give you the optimal medical consultation remotely as possible; we ask you to come for a personal visit, check-up or undergo medical procedures only if it is really warranted.
  • We provide visa assistance; our welcome and hospitality starts at the airport where we receive you and transport you to your arranged accommodation. We can provide VIP suites, special rooming and apartments for you and your family members as per your request and budget.
  • If desired, we also make arrangements for your local sightseeing and general entertainment.
  • Our advance arrangements for pre- and post-operative treatment procedures make your stay with us a smooth and relaxing experience.
  • Our hospital canteen provides a wide variety of hygienic and tasty vegetarian cuisines.
  • We make it a priority to reach out to our patients through all types of digital media once they leave our hospital or return to their country.

For any queries or further information, or to make an appointment with one of our specialists please contact us at: