Dr. Srinivas Rao

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Doctor Profile

Dr. Srinivas Rao

21 Years of Experience

Dr. Srinivas Rao is an experienced urologist practicing in the eastern part of Bangalore. He completed his MBBS, MS in Surgery, and Mch in Urology. Dr. SrinivasnRao is practicing Urology in all major domains like laparoscopic urology, endourology, uro-oncology, male fertility and erectile dysfunction and reconstructive urology.

He puts his entire efforts to provide the best solution for all types of urinary disorders, With his jovial and understanding attitude he offers efficient and effective treatment to his patients. With great experience in this field, Dr. Srinivas has earned lots of good reviews from his patients and these statements motivate him to continue his passion for serving the mankind plus these encourage his dedication in treating all his patients with utmost care and sincerity.