Trauma Surgery

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Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery is a branch of medicine that is concerned with treating injuries caused by impact injury. Trauma patients are usually victims of automobile accidents, slipping or falling down, gun shots, stabbing, etc. Injury is a major cause of disability and death. Trauma is the leading cause of death among people below 44 years of age and is an important public health concern. Motor crashes, injuries from fire, drowning and poisoning are the more common causes of trauma injuries. Alcohol and drug abuse are responsible for 75-80% of impact injuries.

Sree Lakshmi Hospital is always ready for medical emergencies. Our highly-skilled trauma specialists are ready round-the-clock to deal with all kinds of life-threatening trauma injuries including severe burns. Our trauma team includes emergency surgeons well-versed in orthopaedic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and vascular surgery among others. In cases of severe trauma, where different body parts need to be operated on at once, the trauma surgeon would be assisted by the respective surgeons as needed.

Head injury leads to trauma of the skull, scalp or to the brain. Head injuries can range from a minor bump to internal brain damage. Head injuries care classified as closed or open. Closed head injuries are those in which a blow has been received to the head but the object has not broken the scalp or skull. Open head injuries are those, in which the impact has penetrated a part of the head and has damaged the skull or brain.
Appropriate recuperative therapies for patients with non-fatal injuries can reduce the short-term and long-term disabilities, prevent fatalities in future. Proper care can also helps family members to cope with the injury event on their lives.

Sree Lakshmi Hospital undertakes patient care of trauma victims with specialists from different disciplines and a dedicated team of support and nursing staff. The specific goals of enhanced patient care and support is to minimise short and long-term suffering for patients and their loved ones.

In any medical emergency, the first hour, called the Golden Hour is the most crucial. All subsequent treatment and follow-up care depends on how well the patient was given emergency treatment. Hence, Sree Lakshmi is always ready with a sophisticated surgical ICU and ICCU for immediate post-surgical care. It is equipped to deal with head trauma, fractures, chest and abdominal injuries and burns.

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